Robett Hollis is one of New Zealand’s most sought after keynote speakers.


If you are looking for the most current, freshest speaker but with business credibility and passion like no other - Robett is your man!

As the youngest Board Member of the New Zealand Technology Industry Association, Board Member of Figure New Zealand, Executive Council Member of NZ Tech Marketers, Founder of the New Zealand Entrepreneurs Festival and Judge at the New Zealand Hi-Tech Awards Robett is extremely driven to see other New Zealanders win. In 2018 after exiting both his companies he helped launch a 50 million dollar ‘Open For Growth’ initiative to help more kiwis win in business.

There is nothing Robett does by halves, and he can help take your company to the next level covering a range of topics - particularly focused on challenging the thinking within big Business - Culture and Alignment, True Innovation, Ideas vs Execution, Disruption and as an expert influencer on Social Media, Robett understands the media and content landscape better than most. 

Robett is not for the faint hearted - he will push and challenge your entire audience and thrives in a Q&A environment where he can add the most value possible.

In Robett's words - 'Play to Dominate!'





A 60 minute keynote + Q&A sharing my Entrepreneurial journey from the benefit to the boardroom and the mindset, drive and determination to succeed against the odds. A big focus of the keynote is focus on the correlation between the internal empowerment which leads to external execution for people and organisations and focus, energy and mindset it takes to succeed.

A motivational and inspirational hour to challenge the thinking in the room.