Personal Branding


Robett was named by LinkedIn as one of the Top 3 Most Influential New Zealanders.

Want clarity on your Personal Brand? Want to position yourself in the market better? Want to bring awareness to decision makers in your industry? Need to become a thought leader in your market?

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Why do you need a personal brand?

I believe that in business, PEOPLE TRUST PEOPLE long before a logo, and now over the last decade of social media’s existence it’s been tried and proven that a strong, known and trusted Personal Brand can have a direct and substantial impact on your business.

Leveraging social media and using content smarter will keep you ahead of the curve creates more awareness around who you are, what you believe and how you can help.

A strong Personal Brand = A strong Business Brand.

Why work with me?

Off the back of my own Personal Brand I’ve successfully built my own 7 figure business, an additional 6 figure keynote speaking career and was named by LinkedIn as one of the Top 3 Most Influential New Zealanders.

In 2017 I reached over 1.7 million people WITHOUT SPENDING A CENT.

No Paid, No Ads, No SEO - Nada. That’s a $0 spend with a 7 figure return all based on a strong and well executed Personal Brand.

Since the age of 13, thanks to my life as a professional snowboarder, I’ve understood the inner workings of how to convert content into currency. I’ve lived and breathed the whole game of Personal Branding and content from before social media even existed so now at 33 years old, I’ve spent 2 decades IN it so I know this game from end to end. Just scroll the years of posts and engagement on my LinkedIn Page to see the proof for yourself with how I’ve done it.

Why should you trust me? Because I’ve LITERALLY done it myself. I am a practitioner, a doer that has executed successfully in this lane.


"i've been there, built it & done it. now it's your turn”


/ Robett Hollis /



How I visualise my own Personal Branding Strategy.

They say that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. So dissecting and presenting 20 years worth of Personal Branding thinking into one slide was well worth the mission.

Inspired by Amazon’s Flywheel/Virtuous Cycle - sketched on the back of a napkin by Jeff Bezos - this strategy is my own North Star.

It’s this thinking which enables me to scale value to others through content, build more relationships and win more commercially.

This Growth Loop creates a WIN-WIN-WIN.



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